Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Explore your options with our masonry services in Utica, NY

Do you have a masonry project in mind? You can get anything done with Lone Oak Construction Services by your side in Utica, NY. Our masonry services include building stone features, applying mortar coatings and more. With our assistance, you can refresh the look of your property and create an outdoor living space you love.

Contact us now for stone driveway installation services.

Managing any masonry project

If you want to enhance your property with a hardscaping project, turn to our experts. Our masonry services include:

  • Parging to cover blocks
  • Installing stone driveways
  • Applying stone veneer siding
  • Laying cement clocks and bricks
  • Pouring concrete flatwork like pads and sidewalks

From building your chimney brick by brick to covering your chimney blocks with a protective, stylish mortar coating, we can do it all. Speak to our owner today if you need stone driveway installation services.